Saturday , January 16 2021

See Steam-Powered definetor to analyze the reality of the universe

Water, water everywhere

A rocket not radically transformed into space exploration is ready.

The world is not enough (WINE). Moreover, instead of using fuel for energy, the vessel is filled with water from its current location and converts it into steam, for a new destination. The forgotten Jules Verne drama.

"This moon can be used to keep this moon to the moon, the Moon, the Earth, the European, the Titan, the Pluto, the Mercury, the asteroid, the asteroid, motion, and somewhat less gravity," said Phil Metzger, a researcher from Central Florida. .

Group work

Creating a WINE prototype is a collaborative effort.

NASA funds a project. Honeybee Robotics used steam-powered spacecraft and the size of a microwave, with the help of researchers at the Ebrid-Ridgway Airport.

The computer-generated designs and experiments for the Metting Vessel were made and the UCF model developed for the time for the Winter Test.

The band made a successful show of WINE and then shared it via Twitter.

"It's great." Wine rocks, rocket planes were launched on fuel, and fired on steam steam. "

A constant exploration machine

As we have explored the Solar System, we have found water abundance. It exists on the Moon and on other planets, even on asteroids. To get a Wine-like aircraft for these objects, we will be able to take power for the digging and vapor production processes needed to move the moving solar panels as far as possible.

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