Saturday , January 23 2021

Silvio Romero: "Hollain is an open trainer"

The controversy surfaced over the past few days Independent. How reddish reds are working is criticized Ariel Hollen. Emmanuel Gilageutti and John Gutierrez Among others, they both attacked the former trainer and the judge of the airborne infantry. Different Silvio RomeroIn front of the Independent. Radio La Red has raised the values ​​of the founder and its technical director.

In the first case, Silvio emphasized the role of Aalenhede in the character of Awneled's character: "We, Ariel, say that we have our relationship, and the remaining players have done so for the sake of progress." He has made a distinction and has given the opportunity for the event Both he and the community have decided to talk about many things but with the technical director today Āvaya very nice.

Meanwhile, Gigiliotti spoke about selling. "It's a personal matter, it does not bother me, it's late and err, I'll tell you that the person does not bother me." Erielle is an open trainer who plays a lot with the player. When making decisions, they must be taken. Some like and do not like others. But he has to fulfill that role in DVTV, they carry it or survive. "We have a number of goals this season, and we look forward to the work of the club and coach," said Cordobas.

Romer added: "I am very happy and happy, and I appreciate it, I am in a great club." "There is not enough size to be outdated, to survive, to win a title for the present life" "People are recognizing you internationally, even in the form of informal forms of informality. I am very pleased with where I am."

The 30-year-old striker believes that he is in the position before the departure from Mimosa. "I'm good, I want to play for all the matches you want, there's internal competition, there are many friends in my place, I have a chance to play, and there are characteristics in the center." Silvio was sentenced to death.

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