Sunday , January 24 2021

Since the game does not have rules, the country is very risky and we do not have any investment

Uttayai, a presidential candidate for a federal alternative, said in a conference with the Entertainment Radio that he was contesting the election "You Can Change" Explained "We can not do with Kirchnerism or McCormick intervention, but we will not have an alternative".

"The first thing we need is the abolition of the ball, the ordering of the country and the conditions for national unity, and it has clearly not been in the past 40 years that it will not work for us, because it wants to change the state system." Argentina, an existing consensus and state Want to go with a semi-parliamentary government with policies "He added.

The chairman of the provincial council inquired "Generate contractual policies, without the rules of the game, without forethought, our country's risks, and the risks to Argentina.".

Finally, he criticized "Some of the most competitive aspects like the agricultural exporter, we will change the rules three times or four times on the same topic". "Who should we call to invest at this level than this prediction?"He asked him.

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