Tuesday , January 19 2021

Spanish scientists find new "supertierra" water

Spanish scientists have discovered a supernatural fog on January 11, 2019. Its radius is twice the size of the Earth. As we know, it may be a water slurry that could be a condition for the growth of its biogas.

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Researchers at the Ovido University (North) University and the Astrophysics Institute (the Spanish archipelago of the Canary Islands) conducted experiments with the "Migration" of the Kepler Space Telescope. When the star moves ahead of the star, it absorbs part of the light of the star.

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The exoplanet, K2-286b, is located outside the solar system, orbiting the red dwarf star rather than the sun.

Earth has an apparent 27.36-year period, with a temperature of about 60 degrees Celsius.

"Stars have been found to be moderate relative to the stars with somewhat similar characteristics, and will increase the ability of Earth to increase," says Havreir De Kos.

The planet is the inner boundary of the nature, and, under suitable conditions, it can maintain its surface water, and as we know it is an essential requirement for the development of life.

K2-286b is of special interest not only because it is located in its star-studded region but also in the future with the James Webb Space Telescope. There, he explains a statement from Scott Owedon University after the site.

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