Sunday , January 24 2021

Strong criticism of Came's financial system | Cuyo diary

The CAME, the Argentinean federation, accused Banks of "Microsoft" being "killed" by the banks. Over the past three years, the banks have earned $ 300,500 million, and thousands of small and medium-sized enterprises have been closed down and have requested a switch to the effective system from the changes in the micro and small enterprises. Companies removing charges for cash deposits and encouraging small and medium enterprises account for 70% of the country's employment. He also noted that in recent months market interest rates have been worried by the financial costs borne by businesses and consumers by banks and finance companies. By the combined benefits of all banking institutions by 2016, they were $ 74,560 million. That is an increase of 24.4% compared to USD 60,010 million in 2015. The nominal internet growth in 2017 was 15.3%, and $ 85.930 million. The Central Bank's latest data show that in October, the banks earned $ 19,104 million. In September it was more than 50%. However, using the inflationary context, they safeguard nominally to argue profitable losses. But if net assets analyzed, the October profits were 7.2% (from January 2014 to top). By 2018, it was added to $ 140,000. It is another 40%, and it is added in November and December. In the case of small and medium enterprises, it indicates that by 2016 they closed 2,221 companies in 2017.

* Financing costs for personal loans: One of the main hardships in the manufacturing sector is the financing of the vehicle. Total financial cost exceeds 100% of banks.

* Fees for Cash Deposits: Deposits from 0.5% to 1% are charged for obtaining bank deposits, which increases to 1.5% to increase that fee, and a huge disagreement exists in the market. CAME believes CAME believes that this step is not consistent with CAME's maintenance cost of its accounts already paid. Additionally, service collecting companies will receive 1% commission to their customers for ticketing and transfer of tickets. By doing so, the fees charged by the banks for transferring this cost to the customer will affect a large portion of the millions of users.

* "Financing costs and rules for now" 12: The increase in the "12 now" ratio to 10 from recently was given some comfort by the commerce sector. It has been decreasing annually for retail sales (reducing a 6.9% year-on-year). 42% of the financial provisions of the official program. Since the transparent prices began, now there are interest payments on interest free installments for 12 fixed installments and the total CFT of 70%. In addition, the Bank extended the bankroll terms and conditions until the 10 days business days of the banking system were won.

Nevertheless, Now 12 is now the most competitive discount rate and 19.49% is a direct discount on trade. CAME is working with the Inner Office on Wednesdays instead of Sunday, since it uses Sundays for the benefit of small businesses.

* Discount Checks: The declining rate of demand for discounted rates by banks for banks due to lower demand rose by 4.3% in December, but the marketplace environment has improved, but companies have avoided this method, usually 58.8%. Usually a 45-day loan should be more sensitive to check rates than low-priced rates.

>> Fight for money

Banks decision to increase commissions to 1.5% of commissions from corporate entities to receive cash deposits Companies that are gathering first to raise voice threaten to switch to customers.

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