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Sunday 13th January Weather Forecast

January 12, 2019

National Weather Service (Meteorological Service) is required daily with weather and cloudy weather and cloudy weather. There is a minimum temperature of 22 degrees. The time to extend to Tuesday.

Destructive weather

The National Meteorological Service (SMN), on Friday mornings, hopes for dark or cloudy and precarious weather for federal capital and the surrounding area. In addition, the winds are expected to be slightly northeast.

Afternoon or nighttime showers or thundershowers will occur at several places in the region.

There are at least 22 degrees and a maximum of 29 degrees.

On Monday, it starts with temporary improvements and varies from southeast to somewhat wind-isolated, isolated rainfall and variable variation.

Until the afternoon, rainy weather, isolated rainfall and temporary improvements. It is expected from the southeast to the low country.

It has a minimum of 21 degrees and a maximum of 28 degrees.

Unstable weather in Buenos Aires.

The winds and light winds of rainfall on Tuesdays also change.

From evenings, the likelihood of variable rainfall and rainfall, rain from the sail to the light winds.

It has a minimum of 21 degrees and a maximum of 28 degrees.

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