Saturday , January 23 2021

Talleres de Córdoba took advantage of the irreparable roar of San Martín in Salta

SALTA. Talleres de Córdoba was a better end. They won the "Saltha Cup" 2-1 in St. Martins. The race survived at Padre Ernesto Martearena.

They were two matches in one game. In the first half, Walter Goodennett Coite's team did better, and he rested. But in the final, everything changed in 45 minutes. The first match of the "Saints" was not played for the first match. "Tallarín", who scored a goal to make it to the winning moment,

Since the inception of the match, San Martin has put on a major dress against a few light-headed rivals. Cordon's team members could not get one copy.

In 12 minutes, Alberto Costa's left foot appeared. "Tina" sags in the left corner of the raid, guarded by Guido Herrera, with his free seal in his seal. The ball went out.

From that moment on, Tauerring has been chosen by Kootte to qualify for the scores. This was an advantage for Lukas, who was in charge of Acquadzo, who was a well-deserved anger by Tino.

In order to emphasize, working for Pablo Guginus for the Debian Agriaan clamp cover, the communications lines of the neighboring team of the neighboring team are cut.

In this match, another match was seen in the action of the "Talleres" in his sport, the influence of "Eterno" Guiñazú, the loss of dominance in the San Martin dramatic field.

For this reason, guinness confirmed the similarity justified with a target of "another party".

An unsuccessful blow to Kakurun's unbeaten opponent in this game. 37th Junior Arias Golden Door George Karansa, leaving the building, falls without a raid. As in Superglue, he returned to see two different faces of the San Martin game.

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