Friday , January 22 2021

Teves and Quito 10 can not be used!

After the departure of Edwin Cardona and Gonzalo Martinez, the fragrance of the 10 Boka and 10 T-shirts began to reveal the rules of the Super Lure that banned the full competition.

In this way, Carlos Teeves or Juanter KytororoThis championship will be restarted by molding the historical shirts of the two largest sports clubs in Sri Lanka. They have to wait – at least – until July. In the meantime, they are moving forward in the 32nd and the 8th. OK: There will be no problems in Kopaira in Liverpool.

According to Article 26, according to regulation 26, groups of "numbers and names" on T-shirts "Uniforms with incompatible numbers in the competition between competitors must be used, and the shirt and the trousers must change the color of the pants and trousers.".

Teves and Quito 10 can not be used!

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