Sunday , January 24 2021

The anger of a billionaire who gave birth to three children after 20 years became known that his whole life was innocuous

His wife was the father of three children Now young adults He urged on British television to compromise with his children, after he cut off his relationship with two people.

it Richard Mason, 55, a distorted inflammation caused by her condition. Doctors told him that children could not have children.

Mason, a British billionaire, has indicted his former wife for $ 318,000. According to the English media, his hope is a $ 5 million stake left after his divorce.

One of his children, Ed, 19, still has contacts with him. On the other hand, Ed's 19-year-old Ed and 23-year-old Willem's brother, Joel, cut off all sorts of relationships with Mason with their mother.

Conversation with Daily mail, Despite his affliction with Mr. Mesone, Joel says he is still his real father and is not interested in knowing who his biological father.

In an interview with an English television interview, Mason arrived at the Mason Truck. "Guys, I have not done anything wrong. I love them. The doors are always open"

"I set up my teething porridge and, Beer, come, I will give them the largest bowls I have ever received. Let's cry together, we hug, let's go to the next road. Talk to your mother, tell him to stop, "he added.

During the interview, when he learned that he was not the father of his children, he was hit with a sheaf.

"The world is all around me," he said.

DNA tests confirmed that they were not the biological father of his children. In 2007, Mason was separated from his former wife, Kate. In 2016, She confessed that when she was ill, she met face-to-face.

But after learning Mason, he considered his children. "They are my children. One did not suddenly feel betrayed. But I'm still dad"He said.

When asked if he was worried about his case:Twins are 19 years old and older. I already started the legal process of the elders"

"They are good children, they grew up well and they know what's right and what is right," he said.

Joel declared that he would not approve of his father's behavior.

"I have not spoken to him in recent years about his behavior. He is a very rude man, and he is not the person he wants to be with you. I am 15 years old"He said.

Joel confessed that it did not affect him to learn that Mason was not his father. "I did not feel anything. We never did a great job. And my mom got divorced"He ended up.

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