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The Best News And The Worst – 01/12/2019

For several reasons, the best news of the week was Approval of five biological technical events by the People's Republic of China. First, it was the first round of release to release after 18 months, in which the transgenic seeds exploded the largest technical quake in global agriculture over the past 30 years.

Secondly, a product that is clearly pleasing – once again –Soybean is the 21st century most dynamic agricultural product. It is worth noting that China is the largest buyer of soya in the world 100 million tons per year, $ 40 billion.

The most recent release is Dowet and DuPont, which was unveiled last year. It has come to a critical moment. After three decades the use of herbicides gluten for glucose control has ensured the growth of tolerant weeds. This problem became the biggest threat. All the tech companies – both private and public – have come together with their brains and have invested in a large amount of resources.

This disruption made significant contribution to Enlete's disruption. It once works for glucose, while other glucose ammonium and 2,4-D colloidal. Both have different types of actions for the headset. Therefore, they become the main instrument of the ocean The main recommendation of weed experts, herbicide transport.

Although this orteva program was released in the United States, it was combined with a combination with the largest agricultural company (ADM). "Closed lupine" is a closed circuit that allows the use of the new technology without the risk of mixing the new new so-called. Immediately after the formal announcement was formalized, it was necessary to expect China to approve. That limit will disappear.

Drawing on the Margin: If there is any doubt, You can change properties and separate items. It will be very important for the future. Businesses will increasingly be under a variety of demands. Trade in digital technology, large commodities operations will reduce the cost of large transactions, but will be more desirable.

The other big problem around this Chinese approval is what happens in different countries. It is an essential competitive advantage for those who can approach it. The bad news is that this does not happen in Argentina. With the death of Monsanto absorbed by Boeing, most people think that the battle for intellectual property is over. Gentlemen, you have found the wrong information: transgenic events and other biotechnology tools developers Their products are not available until a breeding law is approved by the breeder.

As a result, the "technical problem" up to last week is at risk of landslide. Think about this situation, where the United States, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay do not have access to Argentina without others and market problems. It will be the worst news.

As a lever of the overall economy, three years have elapsed since the knowledge of the aggressive movement. Everything begins in the seed. But the seed continues without law. Still, the law of the forest governs.

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