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The costumes for the killing of a businessman – 11/01/2013

He appears to be the only gimmick that imitates the wearing of car tires. The petition was filed by three defendants of the businessman Abel Liyado Ezocito (51), who arrived early in the morning at Bernal.

Two brothers working for the Awilananda Municipal Council were taken into custody on Friday by Carol Leandroso Asuro Vega (32) and Ricardo Alberto Aziavaro (26); And Victor Omar Algher (41), a thief with several backgrounds called "Sarucho". These three confronted the defendant Leonardo Sarah in this case. They are still searching for three suspects, Team leader.

One of the three individuals, Leo Sassiolo (32), who was arrested by Abel Liquiddo Ezocito, 51, was arrested. He left the prison in March last year and served in the Avellanvara town since June.

The main hypothesis is that Espósito has received information that the house has a large amount of money. During the robbery, the worker talked about the man"Silver coat". Businessman's relatives said the bag did not exist and that they did not expect the money.

Yes, Dollars, Dollars, Uions, dollars, stolen and stolen electronic robots stolen from valuable stones worth hundreds of thousands of valuable stones and valuable classical stones. "We think that they need to steal a large sum of money without a home Before the death of the deceased, he had to flee soon"He said Clarence Researcher. Escitalians were hanged and beaten and tortured during the attack. His lungs found water.

The main hypothesis is theft, although the sources in the case state that no mobile phone is being discarded. "We were waiting for the businessman from 22.30. They landed at Uruguay, about 23 hours, landing the planeAnother source of this case was told in this newspaper.

A 26-year-old employee of the municipal sanitary unit, Richardo Azeri, has been arrested at his brother's house.

A 26-year-old employee of the municipal sanitary unit, Richardo Azeri, has been arrested at his brother's house.

The thieves had come to the house in front of the 178 house on the order from the house, and various vehicles had been kept away from vehicles from the house in Bernalle. If Eoshi has entered his house or when the criminals are already inside, he is not surprised. "I asked the servant why he was going to the garage.

Asiayoro brothers fired on a raid at Voyu Korina, in Aiselena, on Friday. They were the largest sleeping Leo A prisoner to rob twice There were several approaches and departures in the local police stations.

Victim named Victor Omar was named as "Sarucho". It has a background list.

Victim named Victor Omar was named as "Sarucho". It has a background list.

Leo left the prison for the second time in March last year, Soon the labor market was able to re-enter. Since June, he has been working in the general program of the municipal council of Avellanad. When the police entered his home, they found shoes they were wearing The specific footprint In Escito's house. A pair of branded pipes, which is in conjunction with another footwear collected by a scientific police. For the testers, these tips sent to a specialist in the Tyra del Fugo: Desserts that end up criticizing the case strawberries. It's been blamed by the security cameras in the area and the witnesses' testimony. Both of them seized both weapons and cocaine.

His younger brother, Ricky, works with the Urban Sanitation Section at Avelladeva a year ago and is a benefit of the housing program. He is not sentenced to prison, but he has a criminal record. Like Leo, he's a San Leo Morte. Images of saints are usually uploaded on his social networks.

This was in the room of the murdered businessman.

This was in the room of the murdered businessman.

Kelani Antioch Esosito, owner of the factory, owner of the factory, DIDI and owner of the second police station. A worker is at Leo's home.

"Sawsaw" is unpleasant but His record is restarted in 1995. He has a history of all sorts: imprisonment, murder, attempted robbery, imprisonment for two years "for the prohibition of" weapons ". In 2010, he left in a house near Mont-Chigolo (Lanes), La Fé. It's dropped because it's loaded by a security camera. They recognized him for his glove And its important physical structure.

Among other fugitives, the team will be a little known. If everyone gets in, it's still unclear. Yes, at least one of them stands outside the "bell". And curiosity: they were called "annoiten" with each other in the theft.

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