Saturday , January 23 2021

The devaluation of Argentine professionals "good, good and cheap"

Depreciation of peso, options for internet work for foreign companies, and various entrepreneurs in the field, professionals, sciences and technologies in Argentina are "good, good and profitable".

Evers, Chief Executive Officer, Counseling, Pablo PereiraLast year, at the end of last year, Telmex had increased its professional cost to more than 600 employees from 470.

He said, "We are further pushing people to want to move on with technology, to export projects that are good enough for us." Among them, developments and services for Banks and Industries between Spain and the United States stand out.

The forecast for the year 2019 is likely to be in internal demand where we hope to improve the permanent plant in Buenos Aires like Tuquen. "

Concerning the difficulty of finding qualified persons, he pointed out that "all areas of technology, solidarity, or engineering are all higher than supply demand."

Finally, Pereiro insisted: "Because the depreciation of Peso has contributed to the cost of Argentina, the professional of Argentina is good, beautiful and profitable."

The CEO of Safrief coincided with that concept. Martin TasarelliThe Argentine professional explained that "only for good, good and profitable but outside companies."

"The multinational companies need a lot of talent, they must pay very competitive wages, and they can not keep skills in the local context." On the other hand, companies in the United States provide workers with a paycheck, which is more complicated "He added."

How much do they pay?

Owner of IT Pole Buenos Aires, José Maria Luozo Andrea"The companies that produce products for the local market have the ability to deviate from human capital in the context of an inevitable context," he said.

The owner of G & L, Louzao, declared that "more than 10% of the resources are outsourced to outsourcing, charging cards or payment platforms," ​​"turning off Collarge System".

In this regard, he said that these resources "are $ 20 to $ 30 an hour, that is, their salary is between $ 120,000 and $ 180,000." If current progress continues, "the risk is rising.

"Argentineans have a profile of a lot of exciting skills for different cultures." Rustest Director of Professionals in Argentina, Alesha Sardeid.

He did not focus on technical skills, "variety, decision-making, creativity, complexity, high-demand environment and, in particular, adaptability".

According to Servid, "Argentina is naturally resilient" and searched in the "emergentologist" when it is operating in indefinite contexts.

He noted that "aged aged between 25 and 30 aged between 25 and 30 young professionals, who have been integrated in the professional development of professionals, between professional development, a strong currency and many of them, have generally migrated without children." With the help of a homeowner, car, health plan, and other rewards. (Telomeres)

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