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The South American Climate – 01/11/2019

Rewards with wheat rises in the rectangle are reflected.In the us-china talks is not enough to maintain presidential trump's cautious Twitter Both sides are expected to make advance statements.

The CONAB estimates for Brazil's production are reduced from 1.3 mt to 118.8 m, and less than 5 mtm estimated by other analysts. According to its Estimated Agroconsult, it dropped to 117.6 in July from 122.8 in the previous month. Both numbers are less than the current values. CONAB and Agroconsult decreased significantly compared to the previous month, but they were very high.



It will mean by updating the climate format Brazil's warmth and drier climate are their highest pointSome meteorologists expect further updates to confirm this. A dull pattern appears on the maps from 11 to 15 days to help produce soybeans.

For Brazil, the estimated 100,000 tonnes of Brazil's first maize-grown plant is estimated to have risen to an estimate, while the second crop is priced at 63.7, preventing climatic problems from the market. Agroxolt had a similar share of Comban's positive attitude to 95.6-megatons, up from 15.6 per cent last year. Rosario Exchange Estimates Estimates In comparison with the previous month's 42.5 per cent corn harvest in Argentina is 44 mtm.

Brazil has exported 4.23 metric tons of meat in December, according to the Ministry of Industry and Commerce. Ṭīen. 90% of soya beans are Chinese. The total amount collected up to the same month was 82 million. Ṭīen. In January, the Brazilian commodity market began to enter, A match begins with Soya in the United States.

In maize, December was 4.01 megawatts compared to December. Ṭīen. Today the mixture is 20.51. Ṭīen. One year ago, the period was 27.79 million. Ṭīen.

It is a reminder that the sale of Russia in the GASC tender is not a limitation on the market. As the continent's climate continues, the polar bear can defend the polar bear from polar bears until the end of the week in order to protect it from frost. Weekly suspension of export trade, The US market is blind to the enthusiasm of importers. The only index that works is the export report that was exported in exported weeks.

The government that went beyond the 16th year of 2013, has been partially closed for 19 days, but the period of 1995-1996 was under the lowest period of 26 days.

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