Tuesday , January 19 2021

"The worse is your …" questioning Fouzzimlo Georg Rile!

George Rile, such as Eddodo Finnman, Babi Echechopar and Nigel de Britto, was a man who was not an unbeliever. He sees that society has a huge burden of 19 years after the show is shown in every word. Sports, Marketing and Fashion He should not allow questions about the problems of politicians, journalists and players in the world, and describes why his face smiles of his smile with a smile.

Amríkica knows of the reactions he has awakened on television and protects him from hatred and hate, but he will announce a moment to launch new projects far away. Public figures, however, according to all rumors, reconsidered his position and a cycle similar to Intralblasses Performance or new registered TV Not his ability to concentrate dayak months and then decided to have 12 listed, gave great comfort to his scholars were afraid to lose their job.

Joy is, in addition to its hard work in the media, Ryle has still time to allocate to his social networks, especially to Twitter. Usually he issues the message to the government of Morrissey Mccarey. He showed the new tweet: The only factory growing is poor. Consider, according to Margarita Beryantos. That means the trigo-factor. Or else? (Sic)

There is no problem with Jochen Acosta, a leading actor and actor who has no serious problem with the driver, and most of them are: your hatred. Later, the former partner of Antonio Gossella published in his twitter account: The departure of the losers of the political losers, the making of unparalleled journalists, is not always the economy, it is mentally, not so difficult, but the proud truth is … (sic).

It's good to remember that this is not the first time that a direct statement of political reality is raised about his views on his political views and his questioning of journalists. If he has not named himself a few weeks ago (can be absent from judgments): "Criticize, disappearance of people, disappointment of people, not because it is not true.#National Savings Bank (Sic)

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