Friday , January 22 2021

"These are thieves …" Celestrate Seed was angry!

Sabrina Rojas and some of the hypotheses and doubts about separation Luciano Castro. It seems that this rest started before the publications of those who reported those accounts. But the truth is that their postings done by Instagram in the model will announce their separation after a period of media attention and a short time later.

"I will finally remove it, I will remove my mask, I will respect you for a long time, I am weeping and quiet, and for sorry for everything that will happen for the next will be sorry, but in fact you and all love For all the people who do, you think you are a great person, especially three of you "who appreciate it." The controversial Post started. "But psychiatrists, Violent, drug addiction, an alien, and I can move forward, one must stop "Sabrina's photo network statement.

Celeste cid luciano castro

Strong words, the network and the media were upset. But a few days after the controversial complaint, the main characters confirmed the end of the relationship. After the news, renowned people expressed their view of this subject and displayed their events and situations.

However, Rodrigo Lucic is a funniest journalist who has made the most interconnected, and has issued a statement saying he has planted new plants, all of them idle. "Among the more rounded people, most were named Andrea Rincon." Wrote Lucyshich and wrote: "If it does not apply to the novel, then if it can not be written," he said Celestived CDOne reason for the separation.

When the news was heard, Celeste's anger exploded and went to explain the rumors: "Do you ever have to pardon the cigarette, I'm talking about these things, but I'm surprised that someone can say such a thing, by accident and the like" The star said. Then he closed the topic directly. "There is a word worth knowing what journalists should know and how they should" be educated ".

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