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They discovered a magnetic tunnel covering the Earth, which could describe strange images in the sky. Chronicle


Strange images that scientists have seen in the sky since the 1960sAfter being discovered by a team of astronomers at the University of Toronto in Canada, they finally seemed to have a logical explanation. The magnetic tunnel around the Earth and the solar system and some of the nearby stars come to cover it.

Because these magnetic tunnels are invisible to the human eye, they are invisible to the naked eye, covering the Earth or other common tunnels in other parts of the universe. Includes nearby stars.

Magnetic tunnels around the Earth, according to scientists. Source: Dominion Radio Star Physical Observatory.

Jennifer West, An astronomer at the University of Toronto was one of the researchers who participated in the study and can be found at the site arXiv. That is what a Western press release argued “If we look at the sky, we can see this tunnel-shaped structure in almost every direction we see, that is, if we have eyes that can see light from a radio.”.

Additionally the West explained it Magnetic field isolation does not exist. Everyone needs to connect with each other. “, Is the next step Understand how this local magnetic field relates to the large, galactic, magnetic fields of our Sun and the Earth, and to the smaller magnetic fields. “.

“A few years ago, our co-author Tom Landker told me about an early 1965 article on radio astronomy.”The astronomer who also mentioned it commented “Based on the available raw data, the authors (Mathewson and Miln) speculated that this polarized radio signal could have arisen from within the galaxy by looking at the local arm.”.

The magnetic tunnel is connected “North Pole Spur” and “Fan Zone”, Studied since the 1960s. These structures, which unite the two points, are in the shape of filaments, located 350 light-years from Earth and 1000 light-years apart.

Magnetic tunnel discovered by scientists

“When Jennifer first suggested this to me, I thought it might not be an impossible explanation, but in the end she was able to convince me! Now I’m glad to see how the other astronomical community responds.”, Renowned astronomer Brian Gensler.

Thanks to the discovery, the team was able to determine that the construction of the Solar System probably took about 350 light-years.. Earlier this year it included estimating the distance of the North Pole and based on the Gaia data, it was found that the total ur is within 500 light years.

The total length of the tunnel, created by West and his team, is about 1,000 light-years. This model conforms to a wide range of observation properties in the North Pole spur and fan region, including shape, electromagnetic radiation polarization (i.e., how the wave is distorted) and brightness. “This is an extremely intelligent operation,” astronomer Gainsler concluded.

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