Tuesday , July 27 2021

This Sunday night, you will be able to see "the blood of the blood" – Junin, Buenos Aires, Argentina

On Monday night, on Sunday, January 20, the American Continent is commonly known as the supreme emperor of the blood, usually larger than the usual and red. This phenomenon will occur as a result of the lunar eclipse. It will be the first major astronomical event in Argentina in 2019.

This information was submitted to the eclipse of the 2nd of July. The information was provided by Prof. Ardamo Yugui Sandalel, head of Paris Cielos del Sur, Chilecoy, Chile. The Strengths of the Astronomical Calendar this year.

Concerning the lunar eclipse, he said: "What happens to the Earth between the sun and the moon to enter the ephod of the Earth's shadow, which causes sunlight to a natural satellite through the earth's atmosphere and the earth is reddish.

On January 21 and January 21, the total solar eclipse would be between 23.37 January. But while the moon travels through the lunar shadow, it's' umbra & # 39; It is in phase, which is exactly between 1.41-2.43, and it is 21. "This phenomenon can be observed from all over America and from its maximum point of observation it is between 3.51 and 3.51 between 0.34 and 20."

In addition, when the moon travels around the Moon about 357,700 kilometers from Earth on Earth, it circles the moon on lunar orbit and is not the closest time (on what is going to happen about 356,761 miles on February 19, have.

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