Saturday , January 23 2021

Toney Stockto, Punta del Este can quit, and can you be loved?

In the last days Martina Stolz Everybody was on his lips. At Punta del Este, the artist was vacated for a few days, but her media success did not make much room for her break. In the final part of the story Teney is not just for their holidays, but for rumors that keep in touch with them. Nacho Vijay.

Stoyessel is 21 years of age and the entire career of that weapon is armed Violetta. Personally, he lived two great love: first, with the actor Peter Lansani; This In recent years with the Spanish model Pepe Barroso. But now, after completing a three-year relationship, she is single.

Meanwhile, 38-year-old William succeeded as producer of his grandmother, Mayera Legendar, And then, into the film industry. After two years with this model Louisiana is a suppressionRecently recently.

Both of them spent the summer in Uruguay. Birds and beaches all over the world. Rumors of rumor rumors continue, while Tini and Nacho will know this truth only. But there are many things to say about the current sensitive situation of the two.

The first jury of the year, former jury federation LA To ArgentinaThe most watched television show on television in 2018 has been shut down in José Ignacio, where three friends have rented three friends at the site. But after the days of the seas and the sand, it was time to return back to Argentina.

Actress actress Violetta This week, she became one of the most fashionable in a fashion show in Manjiltal. Walking along the track on the beach at the Olympic shore together with him at the same time Lucia Seleesco, Her granddaughter Susana Gimnets. Apparently, the two young girls were in the afternoons

The influence of the influential person was now occupied and the success of her career was maintained. He returned to the country and presented himself with a show at Pinnamar this evening. Located close to the sea. On the other side, Nacho's light. Even geographically?

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