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URR Governors Mauricio Macri were able to gain the Cambodian National Strategy – 01/11/2019

A secret came to a stop. Mauricio Macri Radicals want the governors of Jujuy and Mendoza Gherardo Morales and Alfredo Corneljo, Yunifikēn Holding a National Election to hold a National Election to vote for the already implemented resettlement plan.

However, they did not clearly identify themselves in the luncheon that they were offered at Friday's lighthouse ambience on Friday this Friday. CRACKER With management meetings and other elections.

Mayor of Buenos Aires, Horace Rodriguez Lauretas And deputy head Defoe SanthélieThey were also part of the meeting. It's not just unusual: the city was the first district to merge with the national vote.

The unique neighborhood meeting at McCree's on March 22 has lasted for more than three hours. There was a light environment, meat and salads. The first lady Juliana Avada He spoke to people online.

There are no specific dates, but diners – above all, on PRO – you want to delay as many delays. Interpretation of "Strategies That Deserve Best Practice for National Philosophy" A dinner was reflected in what seemed to be a clear statement for the hypothetical merger.

Although the radicals are stranded, they may know that they are the best thing to change and that they can win before and forcibly win in certain districts to slay the "Doinist" victory.

Cosa Roshada is willing to hurry. The opposition believes it is more likely to showcase their cards and candidate's menu. "They are still very good in their regions – Cornjo and Morales."

The first part of the meeting is the issue of management. A detailed description of each newspaper in each district was provided. Cornjojo will not be able to compete; Larreta and Morales They have identified each otherit.

In the meantime, Mackry mentioned the economic situation and congratulated everyone on good terms The dollar The ground will be pierced from the ground in the designated zone. "Marquely explained that the economy is beginning to shake off"They said. As a result of the recovery in the Brazilian economy, they are greatly impressed by the government.

Radicals did not reveal suggestions and criticisms that condemned their breath. They want Interest rate Fast forward to speed up.

"The President explained – we all agree – this will gradually increase this situation," one said. As far as possible – economic recovery.

The Mackerel's colleagues, such as some of the "Recommendations of the Political Section", can also be seen with good eyes to lower the focusing direction of the economy. They believe that opposition would be more competitive if there was a recession longer than expected.

Radicals of Maria Eugenie Vidal's powers are enthusiastic Opens out Provincial Council Elections. "It Will Be Very Powerful" Kē.ār.ār. The leaders have captured clarinet.

CEO of Buseniere Agent In Chapamalal Until Monday, I will discuss the tactics with the rest of the small window of the PRO in the Balcarce 412 MacStarBank, scheduled for January 21.

Governor Friedrich Salvei and his wife, Caroline Stanley, Minister of Social Development, Awawad's friend, He shot with the President, but they did not engage in politics.

Morales was willing to start voting with the president against his will. They believe that in the 10th century they are being ousted because of the bad image of the northern state leader, but they believe the reelection of the Governor He is not in any danger.

On the other hand, Cornejo, a must appeal A special college The Governor's Day is to be integrated into the election calendar governing Mandoza's law. In fact, it will be a victory for Mendoza from October to Cambridge and Macchi, the head of the URC.

The Procurement Committee has been planned to reverse the takeover of the mayor of Luanda de Cuyo. Omar de Marche His candidacy has already begun by the first-ever Mumbai constituency, the Democratic Party of the Kujaana Province.

Corneth is to place re-elected bonds for the Minister of Economy, Infrastructure and EnergyMartin Kerenr, and the mayor of the capital Rodolfo Suares. Meanwhile, Julio Cobos, Fitzpatrick and his compatriots have not completely rejected D Machichy.

Returning to Cornejo Deputy board Is listed in his district and, if so, if so, Mackry will be re-elected, the parlia mentary or inter-governmental authority will play the primary role of the dorm house.

In any case, the chief of the RR wants more space in national cabinet. To optimize for the maximum. They have not appointed Cornjoe as the Cosa roséda.

Finally, macky and the governors united with political news in the districts where pnоcios was intended to be evacuated Cordoba, Santa Fe and La Rioja.

Intention against the ruling coalition is an end to internal warnings. In Balcarce in the 50s they have not many expectations to win Neuquén – Horacio "Pechi" Quiroga candidate – or Rrei Negro, PRO Sergio Wisky. The President received twice this week.

Cordoba is supported by the Main Render Resource Mario Negri In the midst of his socialist sentiment Ramon Masthey.

They say about the mayor of Kordoba, "They are young but have time." In Casa Rosa, it was Hector Baldassi "Cut" Without an agreement with Negro, they will be dismantled. "We look forward to what we do to Cambodia," they said about the methodology for selecting candidates.

After the Strategic Supreme Court meeting, the strategy is finalized and the government is committed to consolidating the amendment. Despite a radical request, the head of the board of directors Marcos Pinsh did not arrive at the invitation of President Angostura Elis Chario

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