Sunday , January 17 2021

We talked about the Kennero Kennedo River 10

While in university River Sending the last trail of Punta del Este to the country, Juan Fernando Pinocchio Talk about the ability to use Shirts No. 10 Vacancy existed Gonzalo Martín Launch A Message About Your Future The fans of the "millionaire" are excited.

"Pythons already make the final target and used it last time, it's no longer Pity's"When he asked whether he was using his wife, he at first began to laugh, saying:My 10 is not happy with 8. If I have to use it in the cup I will be proud to wear this number. The Colombian has had a ripe shirt 25 years old

Of course, the ability to see "Juvānfar" With ten "Brand" It can only happen Litænṭaḍōs Is from Super League You have been banned from changing the number to develop the tournament.

In addition, the target is the author Mouth By Super awful In Madrid, he mentioned the rumor that he joined in football China And his decision to stay in the river. "I live daily. I am very happy. I can not talk about the future. I'm in the river today. I'm glad. I try to enjoy that moment. That's what I need, I hope for good"Was published in a conversation TyC Games.

The character of Nanjing will end his pre-qualification and face one of his first commitments to Argentina a year: The local game postponed the game postponed for the 8th ProtectsAnd justice, Saturday, January 19 in the Seems

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