Tuesday , January 19 2021

What is Jeff Beahews following his strategic tactic of declaring his divorce?

An era when social networking reveals every detail of personal life, the world is moving around the world instantly, users often become a jury board rather than audiences. Therefore, a way to communicate news, whether good or bad, is more important than ever. The richest man in the world knows it well.

Politically correct speaking, Amazon's founder Jeff Beaux And his wife McCessie Briefly speaking on Twitter, they announced the separation: "We are fortunate to be deeply grateful each year for each of us to find and wed each year." We knew that we would separate after 25 years. We lived a vast life as a couple. Also, we enjoy wonderful events as parents, friends, partners, projects and different individuals, and we were family and dear friends despite the labels. "The signature is in the two sequences.

For that purpose Alecchandra Senanggis Neuroimaging and communication nurse and trainer is a very moderate and politically correct discourse. "Style is called pity and sympathy, and it is brought to perfection."

"The statement is well-publicized, and specifically with Amazon Washington and Besaux empires, and this statement is perfect for making a bond with the people." He adds: "Be careful about physical appearance," he said with the conversation Infobae.

On the other hand, the psychologist and writer Seleia Antonini He commented on the billionaire's manifesto: "He was fortunate through the owner and stage of Amazon, and his life was crossed through social networks, and when a person has made the same exposé he shares it with the world and they are a good family ".

"It seems that discourse appears to be a common consensus, and nothing can be seen in the discourse that is invisible, and it seems to be very careful, as it almost certainly has no one sentence." Economically speaking, "Sanghanis insisted.

Statements in the account Jeff Beaux On January 9, he responded to 6700 responses and some 38,000 of his followers, responded with different people and different languages, and gave them the strength of the divorce process. The answer is positive, and the message has a sensitive effect with the followers, and any company, Jeff Beaux, will always become a business phenomenon, and everything they communicate will affect their professions. " Saṁghanīs

"What they did is communicating from this era apart from diseases, and in fact, if it's a new way for many, if you're living up to a high level, that's what is expected," he said. Antonia.

"Just as your divorce is revealing, you must reveal your new love, all things must be exposed, it's very popular, especially popular and well-known, and it's the kind of exposure they need." "He emphasized. Professional

Speaking professionals did not use the resources used to tell the world that they were together, but were effective: "There is a very powerful resource: if we knew that we were separated after 25 years, we would do it & A statement that seeks to create a sense of love. Clearly, his priority was to avoid a communication crisis and any type of crisis that affects his image and company It is politically correct to prevent a crack.

For this appeal, both appeals to the signing of signing give the impression that two specialists are trying to avoid mutually harmful effects: "They both solidify together and once again reinforce that idea." From one boat we are on the same boat. ".

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