Wednesday , July 6 2022

What was La China Suarez doing in the midst of the scandal between Wanda Nara and Mauro Ikadi?


The actress made some comments on the social networking site Instagram. One of them shows a poster of the heart with the legend of “very fragile.” He also posed for photos with his daughters on the streets of Madrid. Later, a new post at a party with friends.

The actress is currently in Europe after ending her years-long relationship with Benjamin Vikana. In fact, when the Chileans were deceived, it was love between the two countries Carolina “Pumpita” Ardhohine When shooting the “red thread”.

Before that he was in a relationship Nicholas CabreHe is the father of his first daughter, Rufina, and the relationship began with the actor ending his marriage Eugenia Toble, It always aroused suspicion of disbelief.

The truth is that there is currently no indication that this version is true. But as always, social media is a soundboard for any issues that arise with the lives of celebrities and has everything in this story to capture the tastes of other people’s lives.

What happened between Wanda Nara and Mauro Ikadi

Wanda Nara lit up the media agenda when she posted a note on her Instagram account: “Another family you charged a bitch for”. He later did not follow Muro Ikadi on social media.

The media and the footballer began their relationship 8 years ago, when Wanda fell in love with Maxi Lopez, then a friend and colleague of Icadi. The breakup was also confirmed by a message on social media at the time: “I have enough,” he wrote on Twitter on October 31, 2013.

“Wanda Nara, I love you, it will never be easy to say what I feel, because I realized that there is an infinite sense in those two words,” Ikadi wrote a few days later. They were married in 2016 and later had two daughters, Francesca and Isabella.

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