Thursday , January 28 2021

WhatsApp Gold is a brand new joke for users

January 2019 January


Creating new scams through WhatsApp and making jokes on users.

It is a message with a link to install the WhatsApp version that contains various benefits for users. But this is a forest.

The message in question is usually sent via a contact. By clicking on the link, the hidden add-on is under the name WhatsApp Gold. But reality is a mechanism that hackers hackers to steal data or install malware.

Programs downloaded from messages are not downloadable, but from the official Google Play Store or app store. (File)

Remember that you do not want to download programs that you've downloaded from messages, but from the official Google Play or App Store.

If you've already cheated and downloaded WhatsApp Gold, you need to remove the application and make sure you do not attach to an extra service.


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