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With the back of the harness

Victor Palpaselli, head of the family business, chairman of the company, Cooperota Almacor, and a new owner of Cordoba's supermarket faces a short day. But even in a ruthless period, silently responding to every question without escaping from anyone or concealing his response does not deprive the style of an inner human being.

What is usually defined in the society is the lighting of the huge warning lamps for making profits caused by the downturn in the sales and price increase.

– How old is he?


Have you lived a hundred years like the year 2018?

– Because I'm in business, no. In many other complex situations, I have known colleagues in the course of my time. Showed that the first quarter of the year was not a strong indicator. All four months are common to everyone and small in number. It has been transferred to such prices in such actions.

By price.

– The purchasing power of the consumer and it is a terrible reality. 5.5 Million losses compared to the 12 months in 2017, as the sector has had a major impact, in addition to tightening the operating costs along with the increase in growth, servicing and promotions.

– that is, maintenance of the commercial structure. How big is the strength for you?

It's -110.

– A supermarket with the mouth said that the profit with its anger could reach two percent.

Profit was destroyed.

– Will inflation pay more bills?

– They say inflation is shrinking. But last year, the slash first destroys utility and profit. Our branch has an opening with branches to meet the shortcomings, and when the chain is in the chain, the rest of the chairs are offered and only waiting for change is open.

Are some supermarkets in the supermarket shut down?

– Yes, there are occasions.

What does a chain say? "The second unit is from the two units".

Despite this magnitude, this philosophy strikes us all. We need to sell like a big neighbor. This type of activity can be seen when a unit of sales is lost and a balance is reached. Sometimes they are done even under the charge of the customer.

– Is there a supermarket with the most deprived department in its crisis?

For example, cleaning, fragrances are not impressive. They can remove or replace them. On the other hand, flesh, greens, bakers, are more closely connected with daily food, and they all help us to continue. Meat, for example, is a product that produces as little as a price. Bread, pasta and milk products increased significantly.

– The price increase has stopped or the moment is still felt.

– Big breakthroughs produced in November, however, have collapsed, but exhibiting new lists. There are promotions, but in general, uploading is sure.

– What about the use of cards to buy food?

– The customer has limits on cards, a borrower. It should be very careful with purchasing and paying for the payments. In addition, the needs of the cards create an additional cost in the family family budget.

– How can you add more invoice to your household?

– for sure. I am a nature conservative, but I see uncertainty. We always want to support the SMEs because of the people's side. They will never go. They always try to protect themselves. The crisis must be settled to show a small light that we are trying to look at and that it will take at least six or eight years to begin as invisible.

How much are the normal ticket after tsunami?

-Pizo purchased 400 pounds, but it contains a fair amount of products for everyday purchases.

– What will happen to employees in this sector? Will shrink?

– We were exceeding the limit of our loss. It will not be covered as it is vacant. The entire spending table has already been reduced, and no further pruning has been made. This crisis is taught and ordered effectively. The last connection for playing is the staff. Without a reaction, I do not know what will happen to me.

– How did the Grandmasters behave in the midst of the crisis?

– Because I got help, they thought to raise it immediately. They continue to do it. It does not say whether it's good or bad, because I do not know the price. Large companies have grown. On the other hand, price control will never work. However, as a Chamber of Commerce, we have a great deal of problems because we have not complied with the quality pricing.

– How does informality affect them?

– It is a seasoning, and it does not have any control, and it is between 35% and 40% of the offer. It is largely due to loss of employment. We do not always have the fish resources in the tank.

-Hey, tell me, how are you in this sector? Who started the company?

– My father, Juan, now has his contacts with us in his 84th year. He started from the bacon section and asked for more and more necessary small-sized internal markets. He has added small Gedols with some products, and is growing at Pilcker. This gave us a competitive edge and we needed to be in contact with Ammekor.

– Cooperative field have experience in the field?

– Almeier set us up, asked us, we're at school. As a result, we were able to expand our business. Co-operative accompanied us with the desire to bring us. 38 years ago, this co-operative was born in Cordoba on a coffee table by Angle Lunggetano, Eddardo Rossi, Esteban Esénjo and Julio Cel.

– do not tell me! You have to make another cup of coffee.

– Four of the four exiting stairs were trying to increase volume and violate the four stocks. First, they bought one for one. After that. When they noticed that this opened up the route with some suppliers, they added more partners and became stronger. Today, it is a very useful tool in a supermarket family.

– That's the size?

– A person with a self-service center or neighborhood supermarket is an important tool to grow. In addition to purchasing goods, systems, marketing, human resources, etc. There are 55 members of the 12 starting members and 9 followers. We will generate 900 jobs. Let's add another place in the other provinces.

What is the most problematic purchase?

Despite the prices, Tuna has been imported into the Gundalawa. There is a great demand in December and Easter Sunday. It's difficult for the market.

Like coffee.

-We have brands that already have coffee, and it's hard to go out. In general, you need to extend the shirt to get a good hairstyle. Sugar shopper operators should be very alert for the best operations, and outside prices should stay on.

– Should there be a "stock" of 60 percent in these ratios?

– It is very interesting to invest in devaluation instead of Pond. But our people need to see tanks to supply the people.

– Am I in the mouths of Amman?

– 14 in the capital of Cordova and the other 40 in the fluctuation of the internal. If we revitalize the industry, it will be very important to us.

The seal of Benjamin Blanch

In the middle of December, Viktor Pallapilesi, Brandian Blanc, who died in a Codwagon supermarket will be baffled.

"He was a leader, and a battalion in the field was a measure for everybody," said the frontman at Cameron's camera shop.

Blanch "started from the beginning and has managed personal difficulties and has been managed with the established criteria when it is always protected from the product."

His death "was a big and unexpected blow-I am grateful to know him, I learned so much with him-a great and great man behind the leader and entrepreneur," he said.

He's proud of football: he's playing it and looking at it

"I'm playing a crazy game.

the name. Victor Pallalli (51).

Married. Viśliyā

Children. Franco, Florence and Phoenix.

A family business. Améric Peiris, two branches.

that's it. Almacor Cooperative (55 branches and 900 workers) and Chairman of the Cordoba Supermarket Board (350 Channels, Regional and International).

Volume. In 2018, Almrakor sold 13 million.

Sports. "I'm definitely playing with the toys," he says. Belgian enthusiasm

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