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Workshops that he gave to San Martin and won in 2019

Workshop In the 2019 encounter, Sante Martin de Tucuman won a 2-1 victory. In the second half, guides and Ariel Matador set goals. Avedodo was taken before the surgeon.

The coach had three backgrounds in the background of Alibaba, and two middlemen and two strikers made a difference. For the first time, he spent a ball to handle the ball, and the painting's workload was visible. At the second stage, he had several opportunities to improve his attitude and win.


Under constant rains, the game is quite tough. The workshop attempted to implement a new program for this program and attempted to make friends with the Sanyot Martin. In the first 10 minutes, the access was stopped from the ball.

The surgeon was close to a free speech by Tina Kostere's foot. He was shot at his shotgun. He returned from the corner of San Martín. Matthias Garcia seized the hands of Hierera's hands.

During the course of 15 minutes, Talleres steadfastly escaped Carranza, with a deep approach to Moreno, and obtained it almost into Godoy again.

San Martin first thanked his best weapon in 27 minutes. Tino Costa laid him up in Akkadewa, and he set up a call from herrera.

In the second phase, Godoy was able to deepen by deoreto moroneau in a deep and deep mantle. But this play continued. It is placed on the "door" of the door "Chloe" for a very large target.

It developed the TM and it was more time for the win. Without a surgery at Hararra, she did anxiety for a surgeon but Einonosa saw her outside.

Afterwards, the command was ordered by Arius for Modena. The first play, except Uruguay, had Khan drop the ball and 2-1. The second round of the first phase, the albiazul was developed. The shortcomings of the coordination of the new system and the lack of a final determination.


Workshops: Guido helira 6; Nehuel Tageljiel 6, Miguel Bruges 5 and Kyllos Quintana 5; Leonardo Houdoi 6, Andrzej Kubus 4, Pablo Giliasz 7, Juan Ramirez 4 and Fernando Berzano 6; Sebastien Palasos 6 and Dairo Moreno 5. DT: Juan Pablo Dervin.
San Martín: George Carnesa 5; Hernán Petric 5, Damian Schmid 5, Lucas Acaddo 6 and Matthias García 6; Julian Waleel 4, Arguey 4, Alberto Costa 5 and Nicolas Gimnases 4; Gonzalo Rodríguez 5 and Louisiana Ponds 6. DC: Walter Coite.
goals: PT, 27m Acevedo (SM). ST, 6m Guiñazú (T), 38m Arias (T).
changes: 31, Lucas González, Rodríguez (SM), Aurelio (T), Elliotto Perita (Gimnées) and Tomas Pocotino (rim) By, 36m Junior Arius Moreno (T), by Palacios (T) by 42mFederico Navarro,
Command: Cubas, Moreno, Herera (t); Schmid, Arguei, Gimnez, Vitalale (SMM).
Stadium: Father Martinana
Sport field Good
Visitors: 900
Judge: Fernando Ezhinoco (good).
Substitute. Workshops: Mauricio Caronta, Juan Croes Comar, Ian S. obar. Sun Martine: Pedro Fernandez, McMileia Martinez and Oliver Benitires.

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