Sunday , February 28 2021

British Medical Journal on ‘Despicable’ Funeral Charge | Doctors

The British Medical Journal, the doctors’ esteemed trade publication, is outraged by its decision to charge close to $ 300 for announcing funeral arrangements during an epidemic.

A note on the BMJ website states that from this month onwards, BMJ will charge $ 299 for every medical funeral it announces. There is a $ 50 discount for members of the British Medical Association who own the magazine.

Many doctors have labeled this decision as not particularly sensitive at the moment of death from the coronary virus. BMA has said it is “seriously concerned” about the move and plans to raise the issue with the magazine’s management.

An online petition was launched on Monday describing the introduction of a fee for a 600-word funeral as “disgraceful” and asking the magazine to reconsider.

Dr. Tony Hazel, one of GP’s and Dr. BJ’s 80,000 readers in Tottenham, north London, told the Guardian: “It’s incredibly crazy for doctors to start this from the moment Covid dies.”

She was accused of considering a funeral for her stepfather, Dr. David Anton, who died earlier this month of prostate cancer.

Hazel said: “My stepfather was a physician at RAF and spent most of his life as an occupational health physician at RNLI. He did a lot of good things and it would be nice to mark his life as a funeral, but it was a big deal. I looked at the revenue of the BMJ publishing team. They are no less than a bob or two. ”

She said: “I know that local newspapers sometimes charge for funerals. But if you are a BMA member, when you die, you pay them a lot of money for the rest of your life. ”

Manchester Intensive Care Consultant Dr. Liz Thomas tweeted, “I understand they are a business, but this is so wrong of me.”

Trevor Pickersgill, a neuroscientist and BMA chief executive Tweeted in response The news came as a surprise to him and other officials, who said, “Today we are joining the management @bmj_latest Because this was not a decision BTheBMA But by @bmj_latest alone. ”

Dr. John Hughes of Manchester predicted protest proposals if the BMJ decision was not overturned at the next annual meeting of the BMA. Writing a Twitter message,: “Especially insensitive when colleagues continue to lose their lives to Kovid.”

A BMA spokesman said: “We are very concerned about the idea that BMJ will charge for funerals. They are completely independent of the editorial, but we raise our issues directly on this. ”

BMJ wrote on its website: “Please note, we will be charging for funeral publications from February 1, 2021. The price is $ 299 including VAT and ඒ 249 for BMA members, including VAT ට් You will agree to pay as the statement continues.

“We apologize for not being able to provide progress updates to individuals, but you will receive an invoice for the fee you agreed to pay upon publication.”

Reached BMJ for comments.

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