Wednesday , April 14 2021

Chloe Kardashian’s team is working hard to remove the Instagram photo

The Kardashian team is speeding to delete a personal photo showing Chloe’s side.

The image shows the reality star’s face and body, as she poses in a bikini near a pool, without the heavy editing and airbrushing that Kardashian usually does on the main parts of the photos she posts on Instagram.

Shooting – which Page 6 The truth is that it has been confirmed – it will soon spread across the internet, on social media and via Reddit.

But many copies of the photo were removed under legal threats from the Kardashian camp, who said the image was “beautiful” but needed to be destroyed because it was unauthorized.

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“The color-edited photo was taken by Chloe at a private family gathering and posted on social media without permission by mistake of an assistant,” Tracy Romulus, chief marketing officer at KKW Brands, said in a statement.

“Chloe is beautiful. But copyright holders have the right not to remove an image they do not intend to publish. ”

Another Reddit user claimed that no one other than Kim Kardashian contacted her via Twitter DM. Calling the photo “removable”, he called it “a doctor-stolen photo” taken in the “worst light”.

The second source told us that Chloe, who has been called up by fans for her changing face, is in a weekend conversation and some editions are included.

However, the editions of the campaign for the Good American campaign, her costume label, were not average, naming it “representing body recognition”.

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The insider said it was not uncommon for groups to demand the deletion of illegally redistributed photo accounts.

In February, Chloe took a rare, intimate look at her long runs. “I like my lines,” Chloe wrote.

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Hairstylist Jen Atkin said, “Yes, you did!” The star’s famous friends and followers praised her position. Reality star Melissa Gorga writes, “That woman is there.”

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