Wednesday , April 14 2021

Dinosaur-wiped out snail helped shape rainforests – study

The eclipse that wiped out the dinosaurs 66 million years ago has done more than wipe out the most well-known and well-known types of megaphones to navigate the earth; It may have turned into a rainforest.

According to a new study published in the journal Academic Science, It just happened.

A study by Colombian Fossil Pollen and Foliage was conducted to determine how the fungal effect of dinosaur eradication affects life. Although the findings show that there is widespread influence among species such as extinction, the structure of the forest was also affected.

according to the Washington PostWith the acquisition of flowering plants, 45% of all flora and fauna in the area became extinct. The forest canopy became erratic and the rainforests became more diverse and stratified.

How did this change happen? There are a number of possibilities.

One of the ideas that the researchers floated in the study was that the condenser itself was left ashes. This ash can sometimes cause the soil to become fertile, which can create a better environment for flowering plants.

Plants such as conifers, which were originally prevalent in the area, may be at greater risk. Modern examples are cedar and pine trees – once known as the world’s leading trees. However, they have a tendency to burn as thin bark and overheat, and in the case of pine trees, pine needles and gum are all very flammable.

The third possibility that researchers are considering is that dinosaurs themselves should do it. Coniferous trees are known to be the main food sources of many herbivorous dinosaurs, and dinosaur migratory patterns and eating habits have helped maintain the previously open structure of the forest. This would have been completely different without the dinosaurs.

All of these factors could have played a role collectively. In fact, needles and gums developed as a means of protection from some herbivores, helping to weaken cones so much from heat and fire.

But the truth is unclear, but the end result is astonishing. In fact, the asteroid effect wiped out more than dinosaurs – according to experts, at least 75% of life on Earth has been completely wiped out.

The asteroid is thought to be the chikshulab effect (also known as the K / Pg effect) that made up the Chikshulab crater in Mexico. This effect was unprecedented and led to this widespread extinction event, which led to new evolutionary opportunities that changed the world forever.

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