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In the Oprah interview, Megan hopes to overtake Prince Harry

For a long time Prince Harry had a type. Or scratch it, a few squares. He was a long-time (Chelsea Davy and Crusida Bonas) trendy, flamboyant blonde; There were high crust galls (Astrid Harbard and Florence Bradnell-Bruce) that had not been tilted for so long. Occasionally (when he was single, mind) there were celebrities who were named to be associated with him (Eli Golding and Molly King).

His brother and sister, William and Kate, Duchess and Duchess of Cambridge, had a happy marriage, and Harry increasingly seemed like the third most famous and outwardly loved third wheel in the world.

That situation changed irreversibly when Singleton set up Harry one day with Megan Markle one summer night in London.

The rest is literally history. Harry was no longer Robin to their Batman, but half of the world’s most famous and globally insane duo.

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This week, the Harry & Megan show made a heroic poetic difference in the must-see, notable, invisible soap opera, thanks to the revelation they have prepared for a lengthy TV interview about their decision with Oprah. To retire from royal working life.

Make no mistake: Aaron spelling climax or even Darren Starr in a postMelrose Place Family quarrels, private jets, lots of celebrities, big money and a soap opera full of legal dramas might have been on the top of their minds.

Rumors have been circulating for a long time that although it is speculated that Sussex may want to share their genuine journey through super-high-end tele-all, what has largely gone unnoticed is the unusual format of the interview.

(Oprah was a guest at their wedding, having met the bride only once, but only once more than the other invited guests, George and Amal Clooney, when asked how they knew the happy couple, “we’re not.”)

However, a closer look at CBS’s press release on their prime-time conspiracy on the U.S. television network reveals something interesting: Harry has become a supporting actor in the tone of his life.

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In an interview scheduled to be filmed this week and on March 8 (AEDT), the talk show host will “first talk with Markle, Duchess of Sussex, about entering royal life, marriage, motherhood, her altruistic work and how. Before Harry “joins” to give an image of the throne in the sixth row, she handles life under public attention.

Interestingly, this look reads about the level of American interest in Harry vs. Megan. He may have been the son of the goddess Princess Diana of Wales, who was born in the royal lion ‘s den and fought against the dreaded British establishment.

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Consider Google search trends: Since the couple announced their engagement in November 2017, Megan has been far ahead of her royal importance in generating Google search interest in the US and around the world.

After decades of frustration at being in William’s shadow and eternally happy to be deported to Cambridge Add On, Harry has accidentally become a second musician, a side to the leading woman who holds the world in her thrust. .

It is absurd that the 37-year-old prince would have to face the same fate as other royal men for decades, despite issuing a more famous, stern statement against royal life – that is, leaving the palace and traveling around the world. They are destined to be separated from their wives forever.

When William and Harry’s father, Prince Charles, agreed to marry teenage Diana Spencer, they gave the royal family and brand their most powerful, electronic weapon of the twentieth century.

Because of Jung, homeopathy, and Charles’ passion for 18th-century Welsh traditional farming methods, the cuff-yanking, the signet-ring grinding would never have created a deeper, more endearing singing with the British public. Hence the introduction of an enlightened, electronic beauty. She brought with her a deep and genuine sympathy. What the palace physicians ordered (not entirely figuratively).

Nine years later, when William moved to Kate Middleton as his bride, entering Windsor’s home proved to be the greatest addition to the monarchy, and that dynamic has been active since Prince Albert decided to install indoor plumbing in Buckingham Palace. In the 1850s.

In marrying Megan, Harry Windsor played the most important role of a man who went out into the world to find the most attractive and attractive woman open to her personality, agency, independence and the voice of marriage, and to be able to sign her for the Wichita of Royal Life. .

So, today Megan is a woman who is hungry for good instinctive warmth – one of these two who strongly and strongly dominates public interest and media coverage.

Now, before we go any further, let me explain: this is not a bad thing. Any idea that a successful, ambitious or interesting woman is somehow worse than her male partner is deeply sexual. (In 2016, when the news broke that the couple was having an affair, Harry made a remarkable statement denying the racist and sexual issues on the cover at the time.Wardrobe The star was getting.)

I would not suggest for a moment that there is a deformity of the arm behind the walls of the Montecito Casa in Sussex.

If you want some proof that Harry is happier in his life, look no further than his impressive jog during the couple’s Sussex pregnancy. That is, a brilliant wife, a son, another baby on the way, a mansion with his own pool and $ 183 million worth of family visits.

But Megan has begun to capture Harry’s popularity and public interest, creating an impressive dynamic over the years to come and presenting what we can expect in the next ‘few seasons’ at the Sussex Show.

Earlier this month Vanity Fair A friend was quoted as saying, “Megan has some very serious book deals on the table. They should all be considered. ”Similarly, two weeks ago, it was revealed that the two Sussex had an hour-long conversation with California Governor Gavin Newsom, raising new speculations that Megan might be having fun in anticipation of entering a political path.

Only last week, a prominent Democratic strategist said Times, “She does everything she can to allow herself to be given a new position, but she’s definitely putting her finger in the water.”

It would have been interesting to see Megan spread her wings and add thread to her bow while Harry remained committed to her core projects of mental health and support for the armed forces and veterans.

The clock goes down to Oprah’s March air date of the interview, and we are intrigued by the fact that Harry, despite going a good distance of 8,750 km from his father and brother, has ended their marriage in a paradoxical way.

Daniela Elser is a Royal Specialist and Writer with over 15 years of experience with a number of leading media topics in Australia.

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