Tuesday , July 27 2021

The report says that the generation has Z generation for reporting poor mental health

Report a report on the state of mental health problems, mental stress, anxiety and depression in more generations than in the past generation.

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The American Psychological Association, 3,458 adults in the United States and 300 youths in the United States.

"The results of our survey in the year 2018 show that high-profile issues such as sexual violence and gun-type violence are significant depression for General Z," the authors wrote.

"The youngest adults in America are likely to report mental and mental health problems, and Gen Z can be considered as significant assistance for mental health problems."

This generation of people, who were born in the mid-1990s and early 2000s, are increasingly emphasizing the country's situation. Recorded tension of 1-10 scale. Generally, adults are reported in grade 5.3.

However, more than half the age of 15 and 21 are more positive than the other generations of Jane Z, and expect to be in the forefront of 71%, while 60 percent said they were politically involved.

However, minority members of the Generation Z emphasized more than specific matters their counterparts.

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Ten of 10 color gains, personal debt (41 percent) and housing fragility (40 percent) are tremendous sources of tension, and one fourth of the population's volatile military homeownership is less than the private debt of White General SS (30 percent) 24) ", the authors wrote.

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