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Burs Express – Commercebank launches first digital instruction hub


FRANKFURT (DPA-AFX) – Commerce Bank relies on its compact branch network To digital counseling centers for future customer care. This Tuesday (October 19) the bank will open three centers with between 50 and 100 employees: in Berlin, in Dසල්sseldorf and in Quickburn, in Schleswig-Holstein – the headquarters of its online brand, Comdrite.

A spokesman for the Frankfurt Finance Institute said in a request how many such centers there should be if its value had not yet been determined by the concept. After learning about the plans in early September, “Burson-Saitung” reported that there could be a good dozen. The newspaper named the following additional locations for Commercial Bank’s Digital Advice Centers: Frankfurt / Maine, Hanover, Mannheim, Leipzig / Halle, Dසල්sseldorf, Cologne, Nuremberg, Munich, Stuttgart, Dresden and Duisburg.

The money house, which has long been stuck in a relatively close branch network, is radically changing its direction under CEO Manfred Knopf, who has been in power since January. By the end of 2024, the number of full-time positions in the group will be reduced from 39,500 to 32,000. The branch network in Germany will be halved from 790 to 450 locations. Commercebank plans to close 240 branches in Germany this year, and the reduction of domestic branches is expected to end in 2022.

“There are areas where we are no longer in Germany,” Arno Walter, a member of the Commerce Bank board for resource management and corporate customers, told a bank conference in early October. “But we still have a good range.” The longtime boss at Commodrect assured: “We need advice at every branch.”

A number of banks have already significantly thinned their branch network. This is because more and more customers are using digital channels for banks. In a survey published in early October on behalf of the German Banking Association (BDB), 46 per cent of respondents said they visited their main bank branch at least once a month. But only a quarter of those who say they have personal relationships at the bank counter.

The importance of the branch has been declining over the years: in 2014, 27 percent of people said they visit their bank once a week, compared to 13 percent in this year’s survey. At the same time, according to the survey, six out of ten adults in Germany use internet banking or mobile phone access, for example through a smartphone, to make at least some of their banking transactions./ben/dp/he

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