Wednesday , July 6 2022

Gill Ofarim’s anti-Semitic allegations: Videos to be evaluated


The case went viral: Singer Gill Ofarim’s anti-Semitic allegations against hotel workers in Leipzig are being evaluated. “Several videos have been protected by surveillance cameras,” a spokesman for the Leipzig government prosecutor said. German Press Institute Sun. No information can be given about its content as the evaluation has not been completed yet.

There was before image and Leipzig Waxing It is reported that observation videos can raise questions about the events described and lead to investigation circles. Accordingly, the chain with the star of David should not be clearly visible in the videos. “The video can be seen as part of an ongoing investigation,” a police spokesman at Leipzig headquarters said.

“It’s about something bigger than that.”

Sunday picture Excerpts from Sunday’s observation videos were recorded, and the singer was quoted as saying: “The sentence came from behind. That means someone recognized me. This is not about the chain. Of course it’s about something bigger than that. Because I can often be seen on TV with the star of David, so I was insulted. “

He was quoted as saying that it was not a problem whether or not to see the chain in the hotel Sunday picture The singer continues. “I was insulted in an anti-Semitic way.” The management of Ofarim could not be reached for comment on Sunday.

In early October, the singer described in a video that an employee of “The Westin Leipzig” asked David to remove his necklace with a star ( reported).

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