Tuesday , July 27 2021

RA Rams Super Bold

New Orleans / Munich – Los Angeles Rams Super Ball New Orleans Squad won the Main Event coach for Sean McVay's team.

The main hero of the game was Kenyer Greg Jr., his team fired for the first time, and then the ultimate target was the final target.

The umpires have a mistake

But there are not only Rams's cricket but also judges. Above all, a vision. Chainbattle Dwayne Bryce was attacked by wicketkeeper Dwayne Brabham and Rums security guard Nickel Robbie-Coleman was intervened by Tommy Lewis, who received wide acceptance for an illegal approach. But the umpires did not punish.

In the last zone, there was an opportunity to get Dockworks instead of a fresh first try. This allowed the field goal to save more time for Rams. Zuerlein beat back.

Saints start bad

The first quarter could not get worse for Rams. Thursday morning, Jarred Gof did not get inside the first 15 minutes, and was caught in their half. Torrid Gurley Todd Gurley went over his arm, and Demarrio Davis allowed to capture eggs.

On the other hand, saints obtained all driving scores in the first quarter. A few days ago, Practice Sqaud, Gratt Griffin won the first ball of the first ball and hit the first 15 minutes.

Brought into the game of fake POW's Rams

In the second quarter, the game was blamed for Rums. Chief trainer Sean McVeigh was forced to take risks in the second quarter and demanded a 30-odd offense in his own own strip of land. Success: It was in possession of Los Angeles, and with the goal with the field closed.

There was a sin right now (in the second quarter alone). Rams discovered their offensive game. Last 24 hours before the last half of Gurley's time. Hence the hustle and bustle was around 10:13 am.

In the second half, there was an eye event in the eye. The ceasefire in St. Louis spread from Bryan to Taymoh Hill's all-round weapons. Taylor, Goff, officially defeated Tyler Higbee, a row behind the Toddwain Line, Rams hit back on the track

Earlier in the final quarter, Rams's gap was still only three points. At the end of the game, five minutes ago, the game was similar to the Target goal. Brac was again asked again, and he was again involved in the 43rd yard, which was opposed to Radson. Therefore, the St. Anthony took the field goal.

Shooting: Dave Bryce quits overtime

Goff & Co. to Avoid the Deforestation Threat Still 1:41 minutes. Kicker Greg Zuerlein rescued his team with a complete goal at Atyral.

The saints had the right to attack first. However, this did not make New Orleans luck. A top ball from Rams-John Johnson has been bounced from Brace. The 57th feature in favor of the secret decision with Zuerlein.

Jade Gough scored 40 runs and scored 297 runs. Similarly, the number of saints Dave Brees, which numbered 249, was allocated to 249 euros, which was a quarantine.

The AFC championship will be played between New England Patriots and Kansas City winners of the second Super Winner.

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