Monday , March 1 2021

Salzburg shows limits to the fastest players he can expect

The message is clear as well as the result. Not only did Trinity Packer Patson thank Dhaka for the release, but Football Series champion Red Bull Salzburg made a quick 4: 2 victory in Sunday’s championship. Excellence against the challenged is obvious. It can also be seen as the answer to the “Bulls” 2-0 draw against Vilariel three days ago. Nationally, however, one remains a clear criterion.

Salzburg are six points ahead of their first opponent, Rapid, but as they are four rounds away, coach Jesse Marsh’s evening beauty is in a different position. “What’s more important to me than the table is the feeling that we can act so strongly against the strongest opponents,” said Mash, who hailed Sovereign’s performance after the disappointment of the first round of the 16th final. In the Europa League. “We needed this good response,” he said at Vilarial on Thursday, emphasizing that their team needed real strength.

However, as Marsh said, Sunday’s performance comparison should give hope, albeit a low one. Without Seko Koita and Mohamed Camara, who were banned, and without Maximilian Weber, who was still ill, and without a change of staff shortly before the ball came – Brendan Aronson came on for the injured Noah O’Connor: Salzburg could not prevent this either. So fast, with only a few seconds to hope for some hope. Although Taxiarkis Fountas scored 1-0 in a quick counter-attack (28th), a dubious offside decision was a real delight and paved the way for a clear victory for the hosts.

With the exception of 20 minutes in the middle of the first half, Salzburg had complete control of the game – thanks to a lot of aggression and rapid offensive power. In addition to Dhaka deciding 1-0, 2-0 and 3-0 (30, 64, 70) on three goals, Margim Berisha served four assists for Dhaka and substitutes. Kareem Adaimi (92nd) emerged and Aaronson also pointed out. This season, Dhaka took the lead from teammate Koita (14) with 16 goals.

“It was a very important evening for us, a very important occasion this season,” Mash vehemently denied all rumors of “Sky,” strongly opposing the possibility of his Salzburg predecessor, Marco Rose’s successor, at Manchengladbach this summer. “I have not heard from Gladback. I have no connection with any other club. The gate is closed. I worked here in Salzburg.”

If he has fast coach Dietmar Kohbuhr, he doesn’t have to worry about his teammate leaving empty-handed in the summer. Faint hopes of being able to “catch” this year’s ranking champion have now been deposited. “In the end, we have to acknowledge the strength of Salzburg,” said Kohbauer, who looks a bit disappointed, looking back at recent meetings, with only a 1-1 draw in the first duel of the season. “We tried a lot against Salzburg, but in the end Salzburg was always better,” Kohber said.

In the latest duel, Bergenlander analyzed, “What we intended to close the center at was not successful because they were incredibly dangerous and incredibly fast.” “We lost the ball very quickly. The team didn’t have enough ideas and courage. The dual strength wasn’t that big either.”

According to Kohbauer, only the alleged Fountas goal could have saved the game. The inclusion of Sardan Grohowak for Fountas at rest also had no effect. “Even then, the team did not bring what we were supposed to do.”

But after the first defeat of 2021, he did not want to be so tired with his troops. “It seemed to me that the team could give a good game here,” Kohbauer said: “We can do better.” Salzburg, however, is just the tip of the iceberg. “They are of incredible quality. They have spent Rs 11 crore on Ocaphor. I have not spent it in my entire time with Shri Rap,” he quoted a financial example.

To push Salzburg off the throne you will need a stream like Austria Wein (then 2012/13, note), but the gap has widened as Salzburg has done well over the years, ”says Kohbauer. “You have more than 32 best chances.”

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