Wednesday , July 6 2022

SV Ride lost 0-1 to Storm Grease


Sturm Gross were the first pursuit of Bundesliga captain Red Bull Salzburg to close the gap to eight points. At the end of the first half of the regular season at Mercury Arena, the Styrian team won 1-0 (1-0) on Sunday and came back to winning ways after two defeats. By the end of the eleventh round, Gross’s cushion in the third WAC was eight points.

Jacob Jencher (32nd) was the main culprit, scoring his sixth goal of the season. The home side can look forward to a successful rehearsal in front of 8,109 spectators ahead of Thursday’s Europa League home game against Real Sociedad, the leaders of the Spanish La La Liga table. Genture & Co. expects first points on the third try. Following a 1-1 defeat to Klagenfurt, Christian Heinle remained undefeated in the league as a representative of Andreas Herf, who fell ill as coach for a second time. Ryde is in good place for fifth place, but just four points below the WSG Tyrol line.

Ryder was able to balance the opening stages of Gros as former Gros Seifedin Chubby also missed the only good chance the visitors had due to an offense error (12). After that, coach Christian Ilzer’s team clearly dominated and developed a 13-2 lead in the first half. Samuel Sahin-Radlinger deflected a Gazibegovic long-range attack (14th), the Gentsher shot into the clouds from the top, the ball bounced slightly upwards (16th), and Stefan Hierlinder’s strike (23rd) was deflected by a fall. Anderson did not lose much to Niangbo (31st).

A minute later the spelling finally broke down. John Gorenk-Stankovic and Kelvin Yeboh won their header, and Gentscher also grabbed the ball from his shoulder, aged Konstantin Rainer on the hook and struck out Zaheen-Radlinger.

After the break, there was a slight change in the game, and although Storm remained on the trigger, he was unable to explain things with the second goal. It was led by Gregory Watrich (61st), who only hit the outside net of the highlinder (78th), while Manfrit Sarkaria put the ball above it (89th). However, the home team was able to rehabilitate themselves after a 3-2 defeat at Hartburg before the league break.

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