Sunday , February 28 2021

The cruise giant Royal Caribbean suffered huge losses in 2020

$ 5.8 billion deficit – sales down 80 percent to $ 2.2 billion – hopes of reversal

The Corona epidemic caused a huge loss to the Royal Caribbean ship last year. Overall, the Royal Caribbean went red in 2020 with $ 5.8 billion (4. 4.8 billion) and a quarter-final low of $ 1.4 billion. “This crisis is the most difficult in our company’s history,” the travel giant admitted in Miami on Monday. In 2020, revenue fell 80 percent to $ 2.2 billion.

The stock still had a good response to the stock exchange, with its share of U.S. trading trading rising more than 10 percent. Because there is growing confidence that the crisis will end. The number of new allocations has already risen sharply since the beginning of the year, and there has been a huge demand during the epidemic, management said in a conference call after the presentation of the balance sheet. With the prospect of a return to the industry, shares of competitors such as the Idaho Mother Carnival or the Norwegian Crossline rose sharply.

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  • Business The pharmaceutical business makes Johnson & Johnson profitable
    Strong prescriptions boost profits for US pharmaceutical and consumer goods giant Johnson & Johnson (J&J). The group announced on Tuesday that J&J had increased its surplus by 37.1 percent to $ 3.5 billion (2.5 2.58 billion) in the last quarter of last year. A year ago, the recall of hip deposits weighed heavily on profits.

  • U.S. exports have been declining for more than a year
    U.S. company exports fell sharply in October, more than four years ago. They fell 3.6 percent to $ 180.5 billion (13 139.23 billion) last month, the Commerce Department said in Washington on Tuesday.

  • The euro is relatively light against the US dollar
    Today, Thursday morning, the euro showed light prices. Pm At around 3, the euro traded at $ 1.3375. The US dollar has been moving towards its strongest month in more than a year against the euro.

  • Gold prices fall on U.S. buying manager indices
    November IHS Market Purchasing Managers’ Index shows strongest growth in more than five years – Gold price fell 1.5 percent to $ 1,842.43

  • Leading European stock exchanges strengthened further during the day
    The Euro-Stokes-50 has recently risen 0.8 percent – the price of strong data in China – and the U.S. stock exchange was also clearly high before the start of trading

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