Monday , March 1 2021

Chromebooks surpassed MacBook in popularity

Google Chromebook has surpassed Apple’s MacBook laptop. This is the first Chromebook to surpass the MacBook in terms of number of laptop users.

The International Data Corporation (IDC), an international market analyst, has prepared a research report. Surprisingly, they claim that the number of users of Chrome OS, the Google operating system, is higher than that of Apple Mac OS. They find out which computer users are using which operating system.

The reason for this is that IDC thinks that Chromebooks are becoming very popular among students because of their low prices. Moreover, in the current corona situation, there is an increasing tendency for students to buy laptops for online classes. After all, the current situation is more favorable for Chromebooks.

Microsoft Windows is currently the number one computer operating system (OS). It is used by 80.5 percent of computers. It follows Chrome OS (10.6 percent) and Mac OS (6.5 percent). Mac OS users have grown from 7.6 percent to 7.5 percent over the past year. The number of Linux users is the lowest (1.2 percent).

The first Chromebook hit the market in 2011. The difference between the operating system and the average operating system depends on whether it is web or online. / Internet

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