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Khaleda Zia and Tarek lose the leadership of BNP's policy

Khaleda Zia and Tareq lose the leadership of the BNP

BNP President Begum Khaleda Zia and Senior Vice President Tarique Rahman can not stay at the top of BNP. They lose the main position in court to change the constitution of the party. The Election Commission (EC) has decided to send a letter to the party without giving anything in that sense. The EC will give a letter to the BNP until today or tomorrow, referring to the fact that there is no chance for them to go further than the court. The Commission has already approved the document.

When asked about this question, Secretary of the EC Helaluddin Ahmed told Ittepoga that the decision was made by the High Court when he brought the verdict. The BNP Revised Constitution will not be accepted. This will be notified to the written request, BNP and Haukurat. As a result, the previous constitution of the party will continue.

A petition has recently been submitted to the court to amend the BNP Constitution. October 31, Cardinal Court in the Great Court of Justice Ashfaqul Islam and Justice Mohammad Ali ordered the BNP not to accept the revised constitution. By challenging the amendment submitted to the Council, a person called Mozamel Hossain filed an application with the Election Commission. The High Court has requested that the settlement be resolved within a month. Until the petition is passed, the Election Commission is instructed not to accept the amended constitution. According to the letter's order, it states that the constitution is revoked, and the amended constitution has been submitted to the Election Commission, the BNP has forbidden to accept the High Court. According to Article 7, no person who has been convicted in the court for a foreign party will be present. Mrs Mumtaz Uddin Mehdi filed a lawsuit on behalf of the applicant. The state was co-chaired by General Prosecutor KM Masud Rumi. The governing coalition Awami and BNP, who have authority over this verdict, have had contradictory positions. The Awami League welcomed the verdict, but the BNP demanded a motivated motive.

The EC is fleeing after getting directions from the court. The Commission's Committee of Commissioners has long considered the court's instructions. But they are unanimous that the commission does not have the consent of the court if the court does not have a party. If section 7 is not canceled, EC will not be able to run Khalede Zia and Tareq Rahman under the leadership of BNP.

Since the constitution of the party says prisoners can not hold the office. Earlier, the court issued the rule that it knows why the provisions of the BNP Constitution are not excluded in the amendments and therefore will not be declared illegal in Article 66 (d) of the Constitution. The Central Election Commissioner (CEC) and the Secretary of the Election Commission (EC) have been asked to respond to this rule within a month. Because Khaleda Zia and Tarique Rahman were convicted in several cases. Both were sentenced to 17 years in two cases of corruption. In addition, Tarek Rahman was given a prison sentence in the event of a grenade attack on August 21, 2004 at Awami League.

In the light of the court's direction, the EC decides in the document, the High Court is obliged to execute the order. Therefore, an item can be taken through the Election Commission for Assistance and Procurement. 3 (b) The article can be said to the extent described in the paragraph.

It should be noted that on March 19, 2016 several clauses were canceled by the vote of the Council in the second phase of the council in the Hall of the Institute of Engineers. Before the Council was upheld, the Committee for the Amendment of the Constitution proposed abolishing Article 7. This proposal was approved by the Standing Committee. It was later passed to the Council. On January 28 this year, the BNP submitted an amended constitution to the Election Commission.

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