Monday , March 1 2021

KK Menon wins Dadasaheb Phalke International Film Festival for Best Actor

Own report: There is nothing new for Indian cinema audiences about him being a very talented actor. However, this time Bollywood actor K.K. Menon also received international recognition. Jada Saheb Phalke won the Best Actor award at the International Film Festival. Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself has sent a congratulatory message to the actor.

K.K. Menon himself has mentioned on Instagram that Dada Saheb Falk has been recognized as the most talented actor at the International Film Festival. The actor thanked the winners by posting a picture of the monument on Instagram. K.K. Distributed by Menon, the film was directed by Dadasaheb Phalke at the International Film Festival. Respect for Menon ‘was shared.

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K.K. Below Menon’s post, the star’s fans have added congratulations to him.

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The Prime Minister’s Office has sent a letter to Dadasaheb Fall congratulating the awardees at the International Film Festival.

Actor K.K. Menon has made some good films in his 30-year career. One of them is Ramgopal Verma’s ‘Sarkar’ released in 2005. He has acted in many good films including ‘Life in Metro’ and ‘Hider’. However, K.K. Menon has acted not only in Hindi but also in Telugu and Gujarati films.

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