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Mushfiqur also returned after Shakib, raising hopes


When the two openers and Shakib Al Hasan returned to the dressing room, Mushfiqur Rahim was hoping for a wicket. But the lamp went out in one fell swoop. D. Dendable scored 36 off 36 balls.

Mushfiqur could not see running for long. Mushfiqur’s day seemed to be over when his bat spoke against Scotland today. But no, he made the usual mistake. Chris Greaves googled the ball for breaking the leg. It failed to absorb. Be brave. Mushfiqur could have played this shot even though he was not playing at the time.

Two openers in the dressing room for 16 runs. Bangladesh were under pressure from the start. From there, an experienced couple, Shakib Al Hasan and Mushfiqur Rahim, tried to turn the bat around.

Shakib-Mushfiqur took 2 wickets for 48 runs. They both tried to save Bangladesh from disaster by hitting the ball a bit slowly. However, whoever put the wicket, Shakib Al Hasan was immediately dismissed. Leg-spinner Chris Greaves was bowled by Shakib McLeod. He played 28 balls and scored only 20 runs.

At the time of writing, Bangladesh had lost 4 wickets for 60 runs in 14.2 overs. Mahmudullah Riyadh is unbeaten on 3 and Afif Hussain is unbeaten on 4. Bangladesh need 61 runs off 33 balls.

The great government cannot deviate from the model. Even if he plays in one place, his luck does not change. This time Saumya entered the innings at the start of the innings to start the innings.

As a result, the Tigers were pushed in the second over. The left-hander, who tried to attack Josh Dave at midwicket, scored five runs off five balls.

Then Lyton Das was also disappointed. He scored only 5 runs (6 balls). Brad Whale Slower does not understand the capture of Midoff Lytton.

Mehdi-Shakib-Mostafis previously scored 140 for 9 in Scotland. Captain Mahmudullah Riyadh won the toss at Al Amera today. He invited Scotland to bat first. The Bangladesh bowlers have proved from the outset that the captain’s decision is reasonable.

Mahmudullah started bowling with Thaskin Ahmed. Tuskin gave up 4 runs in the first over. Mostafizur Rahman was the most frugal in the next over and scored just 1 run.

In the third over, the bowler changed again. This time Mahmudullah attacked Mohammed Saifuddin. Saifuddin was successful in the fourth ball and recorded the first three overs. Tiger fast bowler Kyle Quetzer (0 off 7 balls) clearly bowled.

Matthew Cross went out after a cross game. In the second ball of the eighth over of the innings, Sheikh Mahedi Hasan made him LBW. Three balls later he also sent in the powerful George Munseke (29 off 23 balls).

Just as a catch is missed in a catch, a catch can also turn the match around. In the first match of the World Cup, Afif Hussain caught the attention with a superb catch.

Shakib Al Hasan was sent off by Scott Barrington (2 off 5 balls) for a six off the ball. But Affif caught the set at the border. After not being able to keep the balance, the ball went up and crossed the line. Arriving from there, he was recaptured.

Here, Hassan recorded a double innings in the eighth over of the innings. In the eleventh over, Shakib hit a double. After Barrington, Michael Lisk (0) was caught at the boundary in an attempt by Litan Das.

Here it is again in the next over. McLeod (5) tight bar to cut him. Scotland lost 6 wickets for 53 runs.

From there, Mark Watt and Chris Gibbs opposed. They both hit the ball in the 20-over mood. He scored 51 off 34 balls.

Tuskin finally broke the tie in the 18th over. Saumya Sarkar hit 22 sixes in 18 balls.

However, Greaves has hit the ball well in the market. He scored 45 off 26 balls. In the final over, Mostafizur Rahman returned the bat and Shakib caught it at the boundary. In the next over, Josh Daveke (6) was run out by another wicket-keeper. However, it did not create a three-wicket haul.

Sheikh Mehdi was the most successful bowler in Bangladesh. The spinner took 3 wickets for 19 runs. Shakib took 2 wickets for 16 runs. Mostafis took 2 wickets for 32 runs. Tuskin and Saifuddin took one wicket each.


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