Wednesday , July 6 2022

Seven of them are Kinjeer Hayat’s new film about the liberation war


Producer Khinjir Hayat Khan is producing a film about the liberation war. The name of the film is ‘Ora Sathjan’. Filming for the film has already begun at Jainta in Sylhet. The film stars Intekab Dinar, Kinjir Hayat Khan, Safi, Shahriar Fardos Sajeeb, Imtiaz Barshan, Nafeez Ahmed, Khalid Mahabub Turya and Zakia Bari Amma in the lead roles. Kinjeer Hayat said that everyone shoots very hard. Everyone is so immersed in their character that they don’t even feel the pain. On the contrary, everyone seems to be committed to creating one document of the liberation war. “As a citizen, I have a duty to the country, to the people of the country,” he said. As a creator I think I should leave a document on the liberation war for the next generation that supports the next generation of patriotism so that they can know the exact history of the liberation war. The film is produced by Western Engineering Limited and KHK Productions.

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