Monday , March 1 2021

The rank and salary scale of public servants will be improved

The government has begun to change the titles and pay scales of employees. The Ministry of Public Administration has already sent a file to the Prime Minister’s Office regarding a proposal to create new posts in the administration, to be promoted as well as to increase the salary scale. The relevant file has been approved by the Prime Minister. It is learned that the consent of the Ministry of Finance has also been obtained. This will change the surname of employees in grades 13 to 15 in the administration. Their pay scale is also improving. At the same time, all facilities will be provided to the officers and employees working in Grade 11 of the Administration by promoting them to Grade 10. This information has been obtained from sources in the Ministry of Public Administration.

At the field level, employees have been campaigning for these demands for the past 20 years, sources said. This decision of the government met their long standing demand. Through this their movement also came to an end. A meeting of the Standing Committee has already been held to review the demands of public servants. At those meetings, these demands of the employees were discussed and a positive decision was taken. If all goes well, the government will have guidelines in this regard in the next budget.

According to the Ministry of Public Administration, the posts of eight grade nine officers or divisional officers are being created in the offices of eight regional commissioners in the country. Employees in this position receive all benefits, including a ninth grade salary and a government allowance. Under the Special Category (a) 18 Branch Officer posts will be created in each of the six districts. (B) 218 ​​Branch Officer posts will be created in each of the 26 Districts of Category 27, two of the six Districts in Category C and one of the 64 sub-divisions of District 64.

460 Administrative Officer (AO) posts are being created. The Ministry of Public Administration will issue an order in this regard soon. It can be mentioned that there are only 63 Administrative Officer (AO) posts in the field administration offices at present.

According to the Ministry of Public Administration, the rank of Chief Assistant (Grade 14), Treasury Accountant (Grade 14), Short Typewriter (Grade 14), Statistical Assistant (Grade 14) and Salary Assistant (Grade 15) will be upgraded to Grade 13. . At the same time, the CA of the Sub-Divisional Office is a High Quality Assistant (Grade-13), a Short-Term Computer Operator (Grade 13), a Chief Assistant (Grade 14), a Short Typing Computer Operator (Grade 14) and a High Quality Assistant (Grade 15). Will be changed to Assistant Administrative Officers, all of whom will receive a Grade 13 pay scale, in addition to Grade 13, 14 and 15, namely Office Assistant and Senior Assistant (Grade 13), Short-Term Computer Operator (13). Grade), Chief Assistant (Grade 14), Treasury Accountant (Grade 14), Short Typewriter Computer Operator (Grade 14), Statistical Assistant (Grade 14) and Advanced Assistant (Grade 15) as Assistant Administrative Officer (Grade 13) Is known to have changed.

Meanwhile, sources in the Prime Minister’s Office said that the summary signed by the Prime Minister stated that the local commissioners, deputy commissioners and sub-executive officers acted as government representatives in the field administration. In the field administration, all activities including implementation of government policy making, law and order, land management, coordination of development activities are carried out through the Divisional Commissioners, Deputy Commissioners and Deputy Executive Officers. Employees of these offices act as collaborators in carrying out the above activities. Following the decentralization of the administration, in various contexts, changes were made to the positions of the Secretariat and many government department employees, the pay scale and promotion rules were updated, but the staff administration field office staff did not change the title, the pay scale. In this context, it is recommended that steps be taken to change the status of employees at the field level, to improve the pay scale, and to revise, in accordance with the decision of the Secretariat Committee on Administrative Development dated 23 April 2016. Recruitment rules or new ones. At the Deputy Commissioners’ Conference held in the same year, it was decided to change the name of the post according to the salary grade of the third class employees working in the field administration and to formulate rules for recruitment for promotions like employees. Secretariat according to the Ministry of Public Administration.

However, after talking to the relevant people, it was learned that the leaders of the Bangladesh Collection Office Cooperative Society (Bakasas) had threatened to go back to the agitation if the appointment rules were not changed and the salary scale of employees in grades 18 to 20 was not available. Raised.

Speaking to the Bengali Tribune, Buckes President Akbar Ali said, “The Prime Minister has approved the summary of the files related to our requests. The public administration implements these. However, computer typists and office assistants will not benefit if the recruitment rules are not amended. Their number is about eight and a half. For nearly 20 years we have been asking for our last name to be changed and the pay scale to be improved.

Ali Kadar, Additional Secretary, Ministry of Public Administration, told the Bengali Tribune: “We are working on this. The joint decision will meet the demands of the employees. The approval of the Prime Minister and the Finance Department have been obtained in this regard. Work is underway to create new positions in the field administration and change the pay scale.

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