Thursday , May 6 2021

UNO blocked and rescued by police

The United Nations in KwaZulu-Natal has been threatened over the implementation of orders issued by the government. UNO was blocked with the vehicle at the time.

In this incident, the residents of the area chased the police and fought. UNO was later released with the assistance of the police.

The incident started at around 8:15 pm on Monday and a police team led by the Chief of the Mahipur Police Station arrived to control the situation. Meanwhile, the United Nations said the UN-backed KwaZulu-Natal tourist office, which was blocked with police assistance, was forced to seek refuge.

Quakata Mayor Anwar Howler and Quakata Press Club President Nasir Uddin Biplob tried to detain the public with police during the unrest. Later at around 9 pm the situation came under the control of the police.

Abu Hasnat Mohamed Shahidul Haq, Zonal Sub-Divisional Officer, Nirabahi, urged traders and pedestrians to return home to implement the strict guidelines issued by the government. At the time, the United Nations wanted to know the identity of a young man named Ivas. He stopped at a crossroads with a newspaper (Thalash) Stewer on a motorcycle.

Meanwhile, the young man was alarmed when the United Nations mentioned the recent arrest of Elias with Yaba. Witnesses say Elias was attacked by the United Nations. As the news spread, about two hundred photographers who were photographing tourists on the beach in KwaZulu-Natal arrived at the crossroads and chased protesters and police.

Elias was taken to a 20-bed hospital, where he was given first aid and later taken to Barisal Shebachim Hospital. Elias Sheikh is said to be the General Secretary of the Quakata Beach Photographers Association.

In this context Elias said that when I came to the KwaZulu-Natal crossroads, UNO stopped my motorcycle and started attacking me as soon as he wanted to know my identity. However, no one other than Elias was seriously injured in the incident.

Mahipur Police Station O.C. The situation is normal at present.

Abu Hasnat Mohammed Shahidul Haq of the United Nations said: “I was outraged when I went to run a mobile court because it interfered with government work.”

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