Saturday , April 17 2021

1,200 people at Forem Job Day, which employs 380 people to train jobseekers

1200 people participated on Saturday on the first day of work that organized the Forem in Namur. Most of the 387 jobs were offered by the Walloon Office for Vocational Training and Employment.

At 10 am, at the entrance to the SPW building behind the Namur station, dozens of candidates are expected for this important day of information and employment. Public administration generally has no counselors or trainees.

On the site, participants are meeting with agents, attending lectures, and attending demonstrations. Even they can login directly to the web via a computer that is available to them.

Coaches are too old

Forem must find up to 176 consultants and 136 coaches by 2020. Current staff gradually reaches the end of their career: " 380 jobs are a lot, but at the company level it is less than ten percent " explains Pierre Perot, Human Resource Manager.

Employment mainly targets two categories of trades whose average age is concerned about the continuity of missions. 44 percent of coaches and 21 percent of advisor are now older than 55. "The coach is not a junior profile, he is a person who has had a career in the field he is teaching, and is an experienced man who explains the age of the employee." according to Thierry Ney, Forem spokeswoman.

Sharp profiles

In some branches such as electromechanical or language training, Forem struggles to find a rare pearl. "It's not because you speak Dutch well that your application is successful, we are very demanding" details are HR manager. " You need to have a thorough knowledge of grammar and conjugation and get acquainted with the trainer's profession. " For these profiles, Forem offers from the very beginning an agreement for an indefinite period of time. 43 IT experts are also looking for a new service that has just been created internally.

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