Monday , May 23 2022

Agnes Trope, Kenyan 4th in Tokyo Olympics 5000m stabbed to death at home


A board member of the Kenyan Federation told a local newspaper that Tirope, 25, had been stabbed to death by her ex-boyfriend. She had several stab wounds to her abdomen. Troop is one of the best players in Kenya. She won a bronze medal in the 10,000m at the London 2017 and Doha 2019 World Championships. Tirop lost a medal in the 5000m at Tokyo.

On September 12, she broke the world record in the women’s 10km race in Herzogenarach, Germany. In 2002, Troop advanced 28 seconds to 30:01, beating the old world record set by Moroccan Azme Legsoui.

In 2015, she won the World Cross title at Kinsen Guang, China.

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