Tuesday , July 27 2021

Barzon has suffered with Vermilhan

Starring Thomas Vermain, starring the star over the game, defeating FC Barcelona and FC Legga (3-1) for the 20th league. This is the sixth victory of the Catalan Clan Club, the Spanish League's leader.

Osman started the Catalonis shortly after half an hour through the opening stages. The rectangle worked by Horde Alba, and the goal was entered as the post (0, 32, 32) of the wage board in France. Just before the hour before the play, the language of the Madrasian region was similar to that of a Danish counterpart Martin Bryant (1-1, 57).

Ernesto Waldère later selected Lionel Messi, Evan Clarkeek and Malcolm to change. Actually, he was unable to capture Ivan Kullar at a long firing by Maksiti. He took advantage of Luke Suarez for a good witch in his cruise (2-1, 71). Vermelon appeared in the fourth leg of this season, with a decisive momentum in the final minute to beat the opposition. During the complementary period, Medi finished a fine one with Jordan. This is the 18th goal in this 18 games for La Liga.

Barka has scored more than 46 points and 5 and 10 points above Allegre and Real Madrid. Leganes is 14th.

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