Monday , May 23 2022

Burg bites Cortrick and takes the lead, which is doubled by Rudd Vermer


This Friday evening, FC Bruges hosted KV Cortrick and his new coach Karim Belhosin as part of the 11th day of the Pro League, the Belgian football championship. Captain Jas Residents won thanks to a double thanks to their captain Rudd Vermer (2-0).

For this meeting, it will be the first competition where we have used 3D technology for offline judging. Philip Clement Made three changes. Burroughs coach replaced the unavailable Eder Balanta Along Stylish And went Edward Sobol and Jack Henry Rest for good Brandon Mitchell and Pot of mousse. at Guys, New coach Belhosine Eleven renewed the same as assembled by Lucas Elsner Facing Charleroi.

At the beginning of the meeting, Cortrick dominated, but the choice seemed good, but it was not effective. Habib Guai Warned Simon Mignolt (2nd). those Guys Let them miss their chance against the club bugs who were slowly waking up. those Blue and black Almost cheated Marco Ilik On a combination led by Until Hans and Stylish But Trent Sciencebury The direction to the end is deflected Noah LangWell insulated (12th). However, Stylish At the stop, Free Juas proved his mettle by scoring on a kick (32, 1-0). Then the society certainly took control of the meeting Stylish, Sign in parentheses on the pass Lang (45e + 1).

At the start, Cotridge was back in good form in the first half Giles Temple For In the air, Then (on the 49th) shot a few centimeters. After the failure of the Senegalese striker Guys While stalled Clement I had the opportunity to make three changes at once. He released two executives following a Champions League clash with Manchester City on Tuesday. Until then and Charles de Kettler, and Mousa For Bass Dost, Noah Embaba and Sobol (70th). After a while, Lang Allowed Jose Esciardo, A return to the happiness of Bruz supporters (79).

All these changes have greatly destabilized the club, and the club has played well despite the big mistakes. Michel and Stanley N. Socky. Went to the game (85th), Dylan Embo He fired a shot when the target was empty (86th) and lost his shot when he stood alone against him. Mignolt (90e).

Sunday leads the way with 22 points, two more than the Euphrates, who go to Ghent on Sunday at 9 p.m. KVK is in 8th place.

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