Sunday , August 14 2022

Christine and Queens are targeting Internet users after a new name change


Holois Leticier aka Christine and the queens certainly did not expect it. After renaming herself as Cruise when her second album was released, she did it again by announcing it on social media called Rahim. The original name, of Arab origin, means “compassionate,” and her attachment to even the most degraded and oppressed communities, which she claims to be gay, must be marked by a person who is attracted to others regardless of gender, and is bisexual, that is, strongly masculine. Or a person who is not strictly a woman but a mixture of the two and does not recognize either.

In no time at all, she was severely attacked on social media. She has been accused of acquiring a culture that is not hers, which is a shame for a personality deeply rooted in the “wake up” movement. Faced with the opposition, she simply chose “” and changed her name again like a prince. This does not facilitate communication during his next discographic releases and concert dates. Even less about SEO on Google and other platforms …

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