Monday , March 1 2021

Dominic Farujia’s impressive weight loss: under 46 kg! (Photography)

We knew him from the very beginning that he was characterized by his roughness and roundness. But Dominic Farougia Decided for good to shed his extra pounds. By January 2020, he had already claimed to have lost at least 30 kilos. He did not stop there. This weekend, the comedian and director posted a short note about him. ” Once and for all: I lost weight. I weighed 120 pounds[74 kg]and today I weighed 74 pounds », He explains at the top of the photo.

At age 58, Alain Chabat and Chantal Lubi’s former partner seems to have evolved. Some wonder if it is not an antidote to the disease that has plagued him for more than 30 years. Multiple sclerosis, in particular, forces him to walk in a wheelchair. But it is not so. “
My dear friends, I am not sick. I lost weight on purpose. Some say nonsense. It is better to correct them yourself
He had said in June 2019 that some people were worried about his first weight loss.

Now Dominique Farujia, managing director of Endemolshine Fiction, has the support of his two children, Mia (12) and Zoe (10), and his wife, a model. “
I am very grateful that my wife is by my side
He joined RTL’s microphone last year.

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