Tuesday , July 27 2021

NLMK Clabecq: Manage EUR 148 million in Web sites Cleaprak and La Lier


Russian steelmakers, the NLMKK, plans to invest EUR 148 million in two locations in Belgium, Cleavec and La Louviere.

The management of the NLMK announced on Thursday that an industry plan to reduce job cuts by 50% in the Clemente would be designed to focus on production cuts and the high value of thin film production. This goal is to allocate 290 out of 576. The website has become profitable by 2022. Currently, it is an annual loss of € 50 million.

La Louvière needs to be turned into a € 130 million euro line-up, which is naturally a product of the auto market more naturally than the Brégent web site, either for the construction industry or trucks for trucks. Capacity studies on potential investments will be undertaken soon.

The restructuring announced in 2012 by Clebeck as being the "Infrastructure of 2012", Louisiana, "has managed its transition," the NLMK spokesman said. Productivity has grown, and the Russian team is ready to make a sustainable investment. "We need to do straight to Cleftech," sums Jean Paul Bartolo.

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